We have a large variety of floor mats that come in multiple colors and sizes as well as different types.  Here are just a few benefits that floor mats can provide:


  • Cost Effective - Extends the life of existing flooring and is less expensive then buying your own mats
  • Clean Image - Freshly processed mats help to create and maintain a clean environment
  • Safety - Mats create an anti-slip surface and catch unwanted moisture from reaching your floor

An Entrance Mat can hold up to 10 lbs. of soil and over a gallon of water!

Floor mats are your first line of defense to stop dirt and debris from being tracked in to your facility.  This alone can not only extend the life of your current flooring, but reduce time spent cleaning and maintaining your business.

We currently offer the following types of floor mats:

  • Entrance Mats
  • Logo Mats
  • Scraper Mats (External Rubber Mats)
  • Anti-Fatigue/Splash Mats

Questions about sizes or colors??? Just give us a call! (515) 360-2539


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